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We started our adventure on the road!

Posted by Kyra on April 22nd, 2008

After a photo shoot, several bathroom breaks, and an overly long wait emailing photos to Marjorie for a press release we finally set sail. Within five-miles into the trip it was time for lunch – a quick lunch of pizza and burritos at the Howard Hughes Center.

schwaggin and eatin

Just as soon got back on the 405, phones were ring and lap tops we plopped open. Our first group challenge was trying to pronouns’ “speedway” into the phone for Goog411.

I guess I should have got rid of the gum. We all seem to be unproductive as we try to conduct business as usual. While we search for printers in SF on Michael pearl blackberry, I curse myself for not reactive my EVDO Verizon Wireless plan.

Four hours later we made a pit stop in Turlock for some wireless access and some yummy grub, compliments of Anna Reidinger of Local Choices. Back on the road to SF. More updates to follow….

The Schwaggin’ Wagon is GO!

Posted by andy on April 22nd, 2008

The inaugural voyage of The Schwaggin’ Wagon began this afternoon, as David, Kyra, and Michael pimped out our massive white van wagon and got on the 5 freeway headed north.

Look for The Schwaggin’ Wagon tonight at the Digg Meetup and throughout the week near the Web 2.0 Expo at Moscone Center and at the ensuing events and afterparties. Drop your schwag, exchange it, or just come and hang out with us and our sponsors (Mashable, e-storm, Hyrda Network, Dogster, Twiistup, Heavybag Media, and JamBase).

If you have trouble viewing the photos, see them in our flickr group.

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