SUMMER 2008:

Mashable Summer Tour






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JamBase Makes Mashable Music

Posted by Daniel Hartman on July 19th, 2008

JamBase, a music fan site since 1998, is the go-to source for live music information on the web, boasting the largest database of music concert tour dates in the U.S. JamBase is a founding sponsor of The Schwaggin’ Wagon, and we are honored that they continued their support with this week’s L.A. run. We were thrilled to have a special appearance at the Mashable party by JamBase Director of Biz Dev Julie Blaustein, who wore her lei and Schwaggin Wagon sticker with apparent pride. JamBase provides an easy concert search tool on its site, while serving up quality articles, album
reviews, artist interviews, festival info, and other great content.


Spontaneous Schwaggin’

Posted by Michael Liskin on April 30th, 2008

Espree helping out

This post is in tribute to those people who spontaneously pitched in to help us with schwag collection or in other ways during the week. We are truly grateful for the support and friendship you gave us, and we think that it’s very much in the spirit of this endeavor that you became Schwagineers with such conviction–there was no stopping you! I’m especially talking about Pastor Dave and Espree Devora, who took time out of their conference schedules to help out in big ways. Shannon Clark also pitched in, and Mike Prasad and Jeremy Broekman lent preparation support in LA. Anna Reidinger hosted the wagon in Turlock, CA.
Thank you!