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Here’s our Twiistup 4 badge:

We are excited to be a part of Twiistup 4. This is an important event for the tech community, exposing LA to new technology startups. Thank you to Mike Macadaan et al. for your generosity and readiness to welcome the philanthropic actions of the Schwaggin’ Wagon at Twiistup 4. For those who don’t yet know about this event – we recommend you get on the wait list ASAP!

And the next night…
We will be at Mashable’s SummerMash Los Angeles! (see post below) We are pleased to be a common thread for what is proving to be a huge technology weekend in Los Angeles.

Schwaggin’ Wagon partners with Mashable for Summer Tour 2008

Posted by Michael Liskin on June 11th, 2008

Summer Mash Los Angeles

The Wagon is proud to announce our partnership with Mashable for their Summer Tour 2008. The project is in stealth at the moment but be sure to check back here for updates!

Schwaggin’ Mission #2: Giving to

Posted by Michael Liskin on May 7th, 2008

Seth Greenland of

The Wagon has made it’s second and final donation mission for this round of Schwaggineering. We gave bags of goodies for the children at Innerkids. Pictured above with a couple pieces of schwag is Seth Greenland, writer and co-founder of Innerkids. His wife, co-founder Susan Kaiser Greenland, develops “mindful awareness curriculum for and teaches programs to children as well as classroom teachers, parents, therapists and health care professionals.” Even mindful kids love Schwag!

As Internet consultants we are acutely aware of the ever-increasing load of information placed upon all of us, including our increasingly plugged-in children. We support Susan’s efforts and approach toward education, and recognize InnerKids as a national leader in teaching children self-directed skills to help them become more attentive and resilient.

Schwaggin’ Mission#1: Operation Gratitude Care Packages

Posted by Michael Liskin on May 2nd, 2008

Michael Liskin with Director of Operations Charlie Othold

The Wagon has dropped off its contents at one of the two worthy organizations receiving our bounty: Operation Gratitude.
What I found fascinating about these care packages is that above all the other contents–the Girl Scout Cookies, the CDs and DVDs, the toiletries, and of course comfy tech t-shirts–it’s the Beany Babies that stand out as most important to send to the troops. Why? I learned that when the troops give these little plush animals to the children around their stationed towns, those children tell the troops where the enemy is located. Who knew that Beany Babies would become part of the crucial currency for our troops’ safety?

We received a warm reception from the all-volunteer corps; While Carolyn Blashek, founder of Operation Gratitude, was not present, the Director of Operations, Charlie Othold, was there to explain that 16,000-18,000 care packages are sent to the troops on each of their Assembly Weekends, and he welcomes those of you who live in the Los Angeles area and are over 12 years old to come and help pack those boxes. May 17th-18th is the next Assembly Weekend. The location is in Encino, but I am unable to publish the address due to homeland security issues. Please contact them directly for their address. Schwaggineers plan to attend en force! Please contact us here if you would like to join us.