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Did you ever think you’d hear us say we are The Schwaggin’ SUV? For this Tech-Event-Week in Los Angeles, we are proud to team up with Eco-Limo to create the Schwaggin’ Eco-Wagon! We will be ridin’ around Los Angeles in a Bio-Diesel Ford Excursion SUV, compliments of our sponsor, Eco-Limo.
Eco-Limo\'s Ford Excursion Bio Diesel

Why are we so pleased at this sponsorship/partnership? It’s not because they were chosen to service the Academy Awards for the last four years. It’s that Eco-Limo is one of only 6 companies in California featured on Google’s Google Green site, and last year they received the Grand Prize in Sustainability by the City of Santa Monica, recognized as well by the California State Senate and Assembly! In short, they rock the eco-world. They are exactly what we were looking for in terms of transportation.

Here’s their story:

ECOLIMO was the first luxury chauffeured, ground transportation company in the world committed to providing the cleanest, most fuel-efficient car service available.
ECOLIMO provides reliable, traditional executive transportation services to corporate and individual clients in low emissions, environmentally friendly vehicles utilizing hybrids, bio-diesel fuel, and natural gas. ECOLIMO is a company that prides itself on combining environmental responsibility and efficiency with reliability and professional service.
It began with a simple idea: to change the image of the luxury livery business, offering limousine service with a positive environmental impact.
Ms. Y. Fray, a 20 year veteran of the industry and business owner, opened operations in Los Angeles in 2004 with one black hybrid electric/gas Toyota Prius and has since expanded the fleet to 15 vehicles in Los Angeles. We are a certified woman owned & operated business, as well as being Terra Pass certified and a member of the Green Air Congress.
We are looking to be fully operational in Las Vegas , New York & Washington DC by 2010.

Wow. You may even see some Eco-Limo staff at Summer Mash Los Angeles! Be sure to say hello.

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