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Seth Greenland of

The Wagon has made it’s second and final donation mission for this round of Schwaggineering. We gave bags of goodies for the children at Innerkids. Pictured above with a couple pieces of schwag is Seth Greenland, writer and co-founder of Innerkids. His wife, co-founder Susan Kaiser Greenland, develops “mindful awareness curriculum for and teaches programs to children as well as classroom teachers, parents, therapists and health care professionals.” Even mindful kids love Schwag!

As Internet consultants we are acutely aware of the ever-increasing load of information placed upon all of us, including our increasingly plugged-in children. We support Susan’s efforts and approach toward education, and recognize InnerKids as a national leader in teaching children self-directed skills to help them become more attentive and resilient.

2 Responses to “Schwaggin’ Mission #2: Giving to”

Michael, thank you so much for the generous and wonderful stuff you sent over with the Tshirts, and Caps, and even mini-hard drives for kids who can really use those hard drives taking stuff from the school computer they work on in one room to another school or library computer that they work on elsewhere.

We can’t wait to share the Scwaggin’ Wagoon loot with some kids and moms at a domestic violence shetler where we’ve worked – thought it might be a good time to give them stuff just before mother’s day.

You do great work guys! Thank you.


I work for a PR agency on Wilshire and Hauser and we’re moving offices this coming week. We have tons of stuff – health books, vases, dishes, office equipment. We’d love to have it picked up so we don’t throw it all out. Is this something you can coordinate?



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