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When you turn to your friend and offer up an idea that he thinks is great, how often does it not get implemented? For me this has happened often. This time I was resolved to simply make. it. happen.
It is particularly gratifying to put something “out there” and get this much response, in less than two weeks.

I am so utterly grateful to an amazing team of bright and talented individuals that literally sprung into action around this when I asked. Please meet them and congratulate them for being who they are if you see them this week in SF.

This is a collaborative effort in every sense of the word, that hopefully, in part, proves the power of not only social media and new technology, but of small group collaboration and what can be achieved with a bit of help from technology. The three of us, then four, then five, and now six of us also thank all of you for warmly accepting this idea and wanting to lessen waste and give back to those who could use some…stuff (and some money).

See you soon! To find out where we are… use Twitter and BrightKite. We believe we are one of the first groups to share a Twitter account in the manner we are attempting while we are in SF. We may ask Twitter for some alterations, based on our experience here.

One Response to “Schwaggin Wagon uses BrightKite and Twitter: Find us that way!”

Schwaggin Wagon – thank you for being there.

You are a beacon of hope for all the Web2.0 Expo wanderers, searching for a place of promise, a place to rest their head and a place to dump their logo-fied black t-shirt which will just sit in a drawer for years to come.

Godspeed and namaste,

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