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We already have one charity lined-up, however not every Schwaggy item is appropriate for children. We are actively looking for ways to get t-shirts and hats directly in the hands of those less fortunate folks who could use it. Please let us know if you are aware of an efficient and solid SF charity!

NOTE; The idea here is not to usurp the process of handing out promotional items to one’s audience by finding alternate homes for the Schwag. Through Schwag-Exchange and other activities around the wagon, your audience will be interacting MORE with your promo items. If they ultimately feel that a certain t-shirt will stay put in their dresser, never to see the light of day, then why not have them give it to children or adults in need?


The Schwaggineers

2 Responses to “Where else shall we donate?”

True that! This is a Great post! This is a win-win for everybody; excellent idea!

I have been collecting schwag for a classroom of Asperger students. They need fidget toys so squishy’s are great, but also any toy is a good classroom reward. I have found booth personnel happy to let me take multiples for this cause. Look for other class needs like this. Great idea.

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